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How to write marketing content for your website?

First, you should decide what are the main messages you wish to convey to your clients. Please remember to avoid tiring the surfer, stay focused! Therefore you should choose no more than 2-3 messages.

Do not overdo! An average page consists of 400 words. The structure of the page and the layout of the text will determine how long the surfer stays on the page. Just like you, the surfer will not enjoy reading a page that is over informative and packed with content.
Pay attention to separating paragraphs, writing headlines and space between the lines. Phrase the text in an inviting and readable manner.
Motivate to action – encourage the surfers to complete the actions you want them to. For example – "click here to receive an offer from a representative", "call us today", "fill out the details in the form and we will get back to you with an offer".
Incorporate pictures -  by adding the relevant pictures in the right places, you can reduce the amount of content. An average surfer is drawn to visual aspects and will extend his stay on a page that has pictures.
Incorporate keywords – what are the main words that surfers will search when looking for what you offer? Prepare a list of keywords and logically combine them in the body of the text and in the main messages of the text. The key words are especially important for the various search engines and need to match the keywords the surfers would use.
The website as a crane to your business's image – even if you are a small business or "A one man show", with the help of your website. you can create the impression of a professional and prestige company. Phrase the content clearly, share success stories, present your customers, make your potential customer feel that he is in good hands.
Reliability and professionalism – create the impression of a reliable and professional website that will give the surfers the sense of "here I can find all the relevant info I need", make them feel safe in the website, quote satisfied customers and make sure the content is inviting and honest, this way the customer will feel he arrived to the right place.
To summarize – understand who your target market is (age/status/education) and what are the goals of the website (sales/information/image) and use the suitable tools in this document to make the best of your website.